Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and IMF Managing Director call on for more marine biodiversity protection

Last Updated: 07 Okt 2018

Nusa Dua, Bali,lintas10.com – Ahead of the IMF-World Bank meeting in Indonesia’s resort island of Bali, Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs Luhut Pandjaitan and IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde on Sunday joined forces to transplant coral reef, not far from the site of the Meeting.

Mr Pandjaitan also called on the international world to invest more in the protection of marine biodiversity.

“There has been much discussion on how the government and communities can get a third party in the risk management of marine biodiversity; putting our sea areas into insurance. Around 95 percent of the world ocean is yet to be explored,” said Mr Pandjaitan.

Mr Pandjaitan made the statement alongside IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde and Indonesian Finance Minister Sri Mulyani at Nusa Dua Coral Reef Garden (NDCRG), which is a stone’s throw away from the site of the IMF-World Bank meeting.
Finance Minister Sri Mulyani said ecosystem insurance including marine biodiversity offers great business opportunity.

“As we know we have the largest population of coral reef in the world and our activities can destroy the ecosystem of coral reef. This (transplantation) activities has me think that we should create an insurance plan to protect our coral reef. We will discuss this to the insurance world as an asset because coral reef doesn’t belong to us. We should also change our behaviour and our lifestyle to ensure we don’t create bad impact,” said Ms Mulyani.

Mr Pandjaitan added that beyond the main agenda of the IMF-World Bank meeting, Indonesia is offering several side events showcasing key issues such as ecosystem protection and visits to disaster-struck areas.

“Yesterday a representative from the World Bank and the IMF visited Palu and extended their support and sympathy. Tomorrow Ms Lagarde and I will go to Lombok to convey our sympathy,” Mr Pandjaitan told in a press conference.

Christine Lagarde said that she will go to Lombok on Monday to give donation raised by IMF staff, “On behalf of the IMF, I’m just very very proud to be here in Indonesia and to be able to contribute to number one the protection of the environment which is planting some corals which will continue to grow and also to contribute to the support that is needed for the people of Indonesia who are suffered in the natural disasters that just took place recently in Lombok and Sulawesi”.

Mr Pandjaitan reminded all parties not to look at the value of the ‘donation’ by IMF.

Mr Pandjaitan expressed his appreciation for all the guests in the transplantation event, saying they had shown their commitment to protect the environment.

“The Nusa Dua Coral Reef encompasses 204 Hectares of the shoreline. It is part of Indonesia’s Coral Reef Garden Program. The park combines scientific and socio-economic aspects of coral reef ecosystem management for a sustainable use. In this park, various coral reefs from all over Indonesia’s water will be transplanted. Our target is to create a unique large-scale sea underwater aquarium”.

Indonesia is home to some of the world’s richest coral reef. But like other part of the world, its existence has been under threat by the rising volume of marine waste including plastic. According to the Nature Conservancy and UN Environment (UNEP), more than 90 percent of global coral reef will dissapprar by 2050. Indonesia has 27.95 per cent of coral reef in the world with over 569 species.

The International Initiative of Coral Reef has declared 2018 as the year of Coral reef
NDCRFG aims to develop research and innovation on coral reef protection, particularly on how to bring coral reef back to life, through ‘transplantation’ programme. In doing so, the organization always put surrounding communities at the centre of activities, making sure they are instrumental in the sustainable protection of coral reef.***

*Coordinating Ministry of Maritime Affairs*


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